All you need to manage a successful Bikeability team

Coordinate is a cost effective system designed to offer Bikeability providers a powerful and simple way of managing and organising their business in the office or on the move.

  • Keep track of bikes and cycling equipment
  • Take bookings and payments in an instant
  • Effortlessly coordinate team members and programme multiple schedules in an instant
  • Capture course information out in the field – tracking attendance and pass rates
  • Export course data for reporting and monitoring
  • Fully manage the health and safety and risk assessment process
  • Provide field teams with instant access to resources to better equip them in their role
  • Use GPS Check-In to monitor that staff are safe and where they need to be
  • Timesheets automatically produced and integrated with payroll
  • Receive unpaid invoice alerts and create/send invoices for online payments
  • Receive business critical alerts that can be resolved at the click of a button
  • Review staff utilisation and company performance easily and quickly
  • Access to data and reporting functions to provide evidence of spend or adhere to external auditors compliance requirements
  • Google Map integration for travel directions – staff will never be late or get lost
  • Automatically send important notifications to clients through email and SMS messages to provide the best customer experience possible

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Coordinate brings your business together, connecting managers, staff members, systems and equipment in a single central hub.

With Coordinate, you can manage:

  • Through the dedicated employee dashboard you can successfully lead your team by assigning projects, tasks and programming schedules so your staff members always understand exactly where they need to be and what they need to do.

    Coordinate also acts as a powerful HR tool, enabling you to track everything from birthdays and DBS renewal dates, to qualifications, training and compliance for every staff member!

  • Team members will never get lost on the way to a session again with integrated Google Maps directions. Direct link to their navigation app with mobile login.
  • Keep track of your business equipment, so you know what’s in store and what’s out in the field, no more lost bikes or cycling equipment.
  • Linking seamlessly with your existing websites and systems, Coordinate enables you to segment, organise and manage all of your customer details, whilst keeping track of everything from registers and bookings, to payments and invoices.

    The platform also acts as a central communication hub, enabling you to send emails and SMS messages to groups of customers at the push of a button.

  • All event information available at the click of a button so queries can be answered within seconds enhancing the overall customer experience.

  • Stay connected with staff and customers wherever they are, keeping them updated about plans and changes as they happen and tracking which staff members are yet to read important information via instant emailing and texting functionality.

Intelligently designed to help your business perform better in the real world, Coordinate is there to support you at every step of the way.

  • Accessible – the responsive web-based platform works on all smartphones, tablets, and computers, so you and your staff members can use it wherever you are
  • Simple to use – with an intuitive, responsive and familiar interface
  • Scalable – a flexible platform that adapts and expands as your business develops
  • Adaptable – integrates seamlessly with your existing websites and business systems
  • Cost-effective – clear, competitive modular pricing structure that provides real value for your business.