"I was impressed with the complete offering combining operations management and booking that Coordinate Sport provided. The Coordinate team were consistent and effective in their support of my team. I’m looking forward to working with them to reduce admin and provide value to my customers as our business continues to grow."
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A complete solution that will support every stage of our growth journey

December 30, 2020

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Samba Sports Coaching

The Client

Samba Sports is a unique multi-sports program offering fitness classes for children to samba music, extracurricular school clubs and high-energy samba birthdays.

Their small team of coaches has expanded across the region offering extracurricular clubs before school, that get children active and ready to learn alongside after school provisions across South Yorkshire.

Whilst only having opened in 2017, their extensive experience and passion in sports education have grown their team and their offerings.

In doing so, they have been able to expand their provisions for intergenerational and community sports projects as well as personal enrichment in physical education.

The Challenge

Brad Jones, the managing director of Samba Sports, was looking for a versatile application, well-suited to managing a sports activity company.

With a variety of different activities including birthday parties and extracurricular clubs before and after schools.

Samba Sports needed a service that could bring all their booking, operations and compliance needs into one place.

Brad needed a flexible option that provided real value to their business and ideally all within one application.

The Solution

After spending some time comparing solutions, it was between two systems and Coordinate Sport won out.

Coordinate Sport, for Brad, was a complete solution, that could be universally used by all of his staff when on school premises if necessary.

He made the switch January 2020 and has been really impressed with the results and how Coordinate has been able to support them through their transition and through training his staff.

The Future

Whilst the coronavirus crisis continues, Coordinate Sport has been helping to manage their bookings and reduce contact for children in sessions. The platform has provided a viable foundation to help scale the business and stay safe during the virus.

Brad is looking forward to expanding his use of Coordinate Sport, tracking time for coaches as the team progress into the coming year.

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Samba Sports Coaching

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