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How does this system go beyond what I currently use to organise my business?

Clients who choose our software have come from using a range of organisational tools including everything from whiteboards, excel spreadsheets, face to face meetings and even going so far as to create their own basic systems. All of these have function limitations and are not compatible with each other. Coordinate brings all these tools and more together to provide an all-encompassing organisational system that has been developed based on the entire operational needs of a successful organisation and is continuously evolving.

What if I only want to use Coordinate sometimes? Is there a plan for me?

Coordinate makes managing a business stress and hassle free and, simply put, it is a system that our client’s companies live and breathe through.

It operates to increase efficiency, maximise visibility and control, improve accountability, minimise admin, improve accuracy of data and streamline communication – functions that all successful organisations require on a daily basis. Our custom-built packages do offer flexibility though and can be designed around your business needs and only include the features you require.

What is the value of the software on my business/ will there be a return on my investment?

Clients report sizable savings due to using this software with one client saving as much as £5,000 a month.

Returns on investment are made in various ways including enabling you to know what equipment is where providing more accountability and putting a stop to any costly losses, preventing losses of business due to poor efficiencies like missing an important task, deadline or activity and automating manual jobs reducing the need to have as many staff, freeing employees to work on more profitable jobs, reducing human errors and stopping your business from being at risk due to compliances and procedures being missed.

Will my data be safe and secure?

Coordinate uses Amazon Web Services (AWS) providing a reliable, durable and secure technology platform used by many major organisations including Netflix, Samsung and NASA to protect the integrity and safety of their data. There is no downtime with Coordinate’s software as there are always multiple versions of your system running.

An added benefit is that you will be provided with different user levels so you can be safe in the knowledge that your full company data is not available to every employee.

Can I import my data from other software?

Coordinate’s software is extremely adaptable and is compatible with many different office systems including, supporting the use of API keys, connecting seamlessly with email systems for bulk email and CMS and sales systems for business development. Historic company data can be uploaded to Coordinate quickly and simply with .csv files. Our clients say this as a key benefit as they can get their business set up on the software quickly with little need for major manual data input.

What happens if I have any problems using the software?

Once an organisation is set up with Coordinate we find there are little or no problems operating a business through it on a daily basis. We do, however, go that extra mile to offer our clients peace of mind by providing an online chat function, a customer service support team, a dedicated account manager as well webinars and video tutorials should any queries occur.

Is there any possibility of block booking a staff member?

Yes. We have developed the software so that if you have a repeating session or a full month’s worth of activity planned you can review your staff members’ availability for the entire booking in an instant enabling you to assign the same staff member to those repeating jobs for consistency and to provide the best possible customer experience.

What level of detail/flexibility does the reporting function have?

Coordinate enables you to capture and track information relating to your business. This function has 3 editable fields enabling you to monitor up to 3 different variables of your choice per job.

The software also enables you to export other reports for external parties or funders, for instance, the ability to send schools information necessary for Ofsted at the click of a button about which coaches have been on their site along with their DBS check number and expiry date or, as a manager, being able to export reports relating to your organisation’s performance and staff utilisation to help you improve efficiency.

Is there any way of measuring the quality of an employees performance?

Yes. Within each staff profile there is a section on staff development. Within this section you can keep a record of and monitor any positive or negative feedback received about a staff member as well allowing you to keep records of their observations and appraisals.

How does the 30-day free trial work?

Our free trial enables you to access Coordinate’s full functionality for a 30 day period. Once the 30 days are up there are no obligations but should you wish to continue using the software we can then discuss which functions you will require before custom-building your own Coordinate package for your organisation. Should you wish to add extra functions later on that can easily be done.

How can I request a free trial?

Sign up for your free, no obligation trial/demo by filling out the form here. Alternatively, for further information on Coordinate, its features and its benefits; email

I have some questions about the software – who can answer these for me?

Please take a look at our resources page for information about Coordinate’s features and benefits. Alternatively, to contact our team to find out how Coordinate can help your organisation; email

I want to go ahead with this product – what happens next?

To chat through the different packages and payment plans available please contact us via email so we can help you transform your organisations operations.