PE Premium Extended

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Funding remains at 320 million for 2020-21

The 320 million annual investment in PE and School sport continues for 2020-21 school year, with schools being allowed to carry over underspend. Link to full announcement.

Get ahead and take advantage of the pent up demand from families and schools. The unprecedented circumstances mean that now more than ever, providers need to be vigilant and ensure that process and policies are effectively communicated and followed by all staff.

Coordinate Sport supports you to accelerate your growth plans and manage all your business functions including some valuable modules;

  1. Staff Scheduling
  2. Integrated booking platform
  3. Health and Safety – supporting Covid compliance
  4. Lesson and project resources
  5. Time sheets and Payroll

These really are to name a few!

Our Covid Offer

New customers are able to sign up now and only pay subscriptions once you are trading once again.