Coordinate is designed with sports and activity providers in mind. Keep track of equipment, take bookings in an instant and effortlessly coordinate team members without breaking a sweat!


Through the dedicated employee dashboard you can successfully lead your team by assigning projects, tasks and programming schedules so your staff members always understand exactly where they need to be and what they need to do.

Coordinate also acts as a powerful HR tool, enabling you to track everything from birthdays and DBS renewal dates, to qualifications, training and compliance for every staff member!


Keep track of your business equipment, so you know what’s in store and what’s out in the field, no more lost kit bags or expensive sports equipment.


Coaches will never get lost on the way to a session again with integrated Google Maps directions. Direct link to their navigation app with mobile login.


Stay connected with staff and customers wherever they are, keeping them updated about plans and changes as they happen.


All event information available at the click of a button so queries can be answered within seconds enhancing the overall customer experience.

Manage customers

Linking seamlessly with your existing websites and systems, Coordinate enables you to segment, organise and manage all of your customer details, whilst keeping track of everything from registers and bookings, to payments and invoices.

The platform also acts as a central communication hub, enabling you to send emails and SMS messages to groups of customers at the push of a button.