See the big picture at a glance

Your sessions displayed in an easy to navigate, digest, and interactive timetable.

Coach and Instructor Management & Scheduling

Tools to speed up and simplify your staff training and onboarding process.

Integrated Online Booking

Create fans not customers with our intuitive booking interface.

Comprehensive Booking Management

What you need to know about every type of booking, from start to finish.

Coordinate Sport is perfect for our business – it means we can manage all our bookings, scheduling and sports equipment from one central place. They are friendly, responsive and great to deal with, and I highly recommend them to any sports business that wants to cut admin and improve organisation.

Marc Kings, Owner

Timesheet & Payroll

Our automated system saves both managers and coaches hours, making payroll and payments a breeze.

Reports and alerts for accurate performance data

For better decision making which drives growth, enhances your team’s performance and customer experience.

Workforce Health & Safety

Helps managers stay on track with compliance with alerts and reminders for expiring documents and logging of risk assessments.

Coach Log in and remote access

A connected and informed coaching team prepared to deliver quality for your customers.