One platform with tools and functions designed to save time, money, and grow with your business

By streamlining operations and admin, we leave our clients free to focus on delivering real impact for their customers and participants.

We make coordinating sport for providers of any size simple, and that in turn accelerates growth.

Driven by your data

All our features and functions are connected to the data you input. Decisions, changes, and communication within your team become painless.






Health & Safety




Developing a quality team and delivery is time consuming and usually involves multiple systems and logins or documents populated manually. Coordinate Sport automates these tasks in one application.

Over 10 years ago, Coordinate Sport was created specifically for our industry, by using real-life experience and knowledge of the challenges you face every day.

Our unparalleled feature set and capabilities can be accredited to our inside knowledge and experience within the industry. Our platform continues to grow and improve because our users share the same mission; Working towards improving the wellbeing of society. By working collaboratively with our clients, we promote learning within our teams and our developments are always user-driven to ensure we add value.

Thrive in a digital world

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