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We’re on a mission…

September 25, 2020

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Coordinate Sport was born when, after months of searching for a solution, it’s founders discovered one wasn’t available. Managing a Sports Coaching business is time consuming and usually involves multiple systems or documents populated manually.

Coordinate Sport automates these tasks in one application. More so now, we see companies repurposing software which wasn’t built for the industry. A sports coaching company cannot manage its operations on a booking system alone.

Our users want One App, More Activity, Less Work. The success of our applications features and capabilities, can solely be accredited to the inside knowledge of the industry. Since then our platform continues to grow and develop because our users share the same mission; Working towards improving the wellbeing of society.

By working collaboratively with our customers. We promote learning within our teams and our developments are always user driven to ensure we add value.

By listening to feedback from our customers, Coordinate Sport and its features continue to grow and improve.

We’ve learnt over the years that sharing knowledge within our industry, helps us all thrive and we can continue our purpose; To simplify and accelerate the business growth journey by focusing on customer experience.

We have helped our industry to increase efficiency, maximise visibility and control, improve accountability, minimise admin, improve accuracy of data and communications.

By streamlining operations and administration, we leave our clients free to focus on delivering real impact for their customers and participants.

We make coordinating sports businesses of any size simple and that in turn accelerates growth.

More impact less work

Coordinate everything in one application

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