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Careers Guide for Sport and the Physical Activity Sector

CIMSPA launches careers guide for the Sport and Physical activity sector

April 12, 2023

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CIMSPA has launched a new “Careers Guide for Sport and the Physical Activity Sector” supported by Careermap UK. The guide is designed to cater to more than half a million people working in the sector in the UK.

The guide offers clear pathways and routes into the sector, breaking down different industries and jobs in the sector. Besides The Drive Phase podcast, where you can hear from the leaders and executives across the sector, the guide details what roles entail and the professional recognition for them.

Collin Huffen, Head of Workforce Policy and External Affairs at CIMSPA, said:

“This careers guide is an important part of our work, designed to showcase the opportunities that exist within our sector and to help people understand the different routes they could take for their career. Whether someone is thinking about entering sport and physical activity for the first time or is a seasoned professional, we hope it will be a hugely useful resource.”


To find out more about this guide, see here.

And why not subscribe and listen to The Drive Phase podcast, for profiles from the movers and shakers in the activities, sport and physical activity sector.

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