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CIMSPA summertime hotspots for activity this year

August 15, 2022

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Earlier this year, CIMSPA launched a new tool to help the public get active over the holidays. If you’re looking to take a much-needed staycation and explore all England has to offer, you can use their handy guide to help you plan your summer activities.

The tool uses a search by county, the number of water sports, swimming pools, physical activity rates and greenspace coverage per capita to help you find the best places in England for an active summer.

Cumbria takes the number one spot for summertime activity, with Devon ranking second, giving you a great opportunity to enjoy the coast.

For green space coverage, visit Surrey, or take a trip down to Cornwall for clotted cream, water sport facilities, swimming pools and water sports professionals.

See CIMSPA’s website to find out more.

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