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Mental health

Mental health is the main motivator for getting active in the UK

October 9, 2023

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A survey performed in advance of National Fitness Day last month, saw evidence that mental health was a greater motivation for physical activity than getting in shape. A poll of more than 2000 UK adults revealed that 54% valued improvements to their mental health over getting in shape.

This evidence becomes increasingly more significant as World Mental Health Day approaches. On October 10th, a variety of events and activities will take place across the world, including the importance of physical activity to maintaining a healthy body and mind. The theme of the event will be: ‘Mental health is a universal human right’.

The vast majority of UK adults underestimate how much physical activity they need. Whilst the guidelines from the Chief Medical Officers (CMO) mandate 150 minutes or more of ‘moderate-intensity activity’ each week, most don’t achieve this. Evidence shows that around 75% of respondents thought it was much less, with 90 mins often considered sufficient.

As World Mental Health Day approaches, the findings show that people are increasingly aware of the physical and mental benefits of being active. Nearly 90% agree that physical activity can be preventative when it comes to illness and injuries occurring. With the sports and activities sector making a bid to make the UK the most active nation in Europe, the benefits to mental health are unmatched.

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