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Mo Farah
Credit: Katie Chan

Mo Farah becomes National School Sports Champion for YST

February 12, 2024

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Sir Mo Farah, four-time Olympic and six-time World Champion, has been announced as the new National School Sport Champion for the Youth Sport Trust. In this role, he will be launching ‘Mo’s Mission’ to promote physical activity among children in the UK.

The initiative is part of theย Youth Sport Trust’s new manifesto for change, which aims to enhance the wellbeing and achievement of young people through sports. Farah’s decision to take on this role is influenced by his personal experience of how sports can support the development of young people and help them find a sense of self and belonging within school.

His own positive experience with school sports, and particularly with his PE teacher Alan Watkinson, played a significant role in his life after he was trafficked into Britain as a child. Farah’s appointment is a significant step in promoting the importance of physical activity and sports in the lives of young people.

To find out more, seeย here.

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