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Safer active spaces

New guidelines released to create safer active spaces

June 7, 2023

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A new guide has been released to help the fitness and leisure sectors create safer spaces for women and girls. Sport England’s “This Girl Can” and ukactive have released the new guide entitled: ‘How to make your spaces safer for women: A call to action from the 51%’.

The guide is designed to shed light on the ‘Enjoyment Gap’ experienced by women. Despite physical activity levels returning to post-pandemic levels, activity levels for women remain lower than men’s.

The ‘Enjoyment Gap’ found that women reported in the November 2022 survey cited several safety concerns. These were in relation to well-lit streets and public spaces after dark (65%), non-supervised public facilities (53%), and supervised public facilities (19%). The resulting effect saw women enjoying activity far less than men.

Sport England’s Active Lives Survey supports the guide. It shows that gyms and leisure centres play an essential role in supporting women with being active. In fact, it revealed that more than 7 million women were taking part in facility-based activity, whether individually or in group activity programmes.

To make the guide a part of your business practice, see here.

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