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Mental Health

Physical activity could be the key to supporting children and the NHS

May 9, 2022

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Studies show that children have been hugely affected by the pandemic, yet how to help them recover is greatly debated. As Mental Health Awareness Week approaches, founders of Wellbeing Through Sport reflected on the impact that fully realised physical activity programmes could have on children’s growth.

Mental Health Awareness Week will run from the 9th to the 15th of May this year and is a chance for the UK to take stock and embrace good mental health habits, especially as recent analysis suggests that 50% of mental health problems are established by 14, and 75% by just 24 years old.

Those working on the frontlines in health have seen an exponential rise in children requiring specialist intervention for severe mental health issues, with issues ranging from self-harm to suicidal thoughts. For Wellbeing Through Sport, physical activity is key to improving outcomes for adults and children alike.

With the stresses of the pandemic, the NHS has set an ambitious agenda, designed to combat the rising demand for mental health services. They are asking the public, those with experience of mental ill-health, and health and care professionals to share their views on how support and services should be adapted for the future.

They have urged members of the public to respond within the 12 weeks leading up to the 5th of July to support the new plans. The evidence will inform a new 10-year mental health plan and a refreshed National Suicide Prevention plan.

To find out more about the plan and get involved, see here.

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