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Scarlett Moffatt teams up with This Girl Can Classes

April 6, 2022

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In an effort to tackle the ‘enjoyment gap’ for women aged 25-34, This Girl Can and EMD UK has teamed up with television host Scarlett Moffatt. The goal is to encourage more women to engage in group fitness enjoyably.

Television celebrity Moffatt is no stranger to a loss of passion for physical activity. As a young person, she was an avid dancer, even taking part in ballroom competitions. Taking part in a This Girl Can class in Newcastle, she spoke about her experiences of feeling self-conscious about getting active. She added:

“I loved being active when I was younger, I was really into dancing and even took part in ballroom dancing competitions, but as I got older, I started to feel more self-conscious and worried about taking part – was I fit enough? Did I look right? What did other people think?”

Last month, we spoke to Marcus Kingwell, CEO of EMD UK, on the importance of group fitness on The Drive Phase podcast. Discovering group fitness in university, he found it a great equaliser when it came to improving his overall fitness and his general enjoyment of being active.

Out of the 605 women aged 25-34 surveyed, 40% agreed that physical fitness had become more of a chore. For Moffatt and many other women, diversity has a part to play too, as she said:

“Looking around the studio it was great to see women from all different backgrounds, with different body shapes, and at similar fitness levels to me, relaxing and enjoying just getting active and moving their bodies.”

To find out more, see here.

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