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School sports days

School sports days are back! More than 1,000 events planned to take place this month

June 21, 2021

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Sports days are back for children across the country. Over 1000 schools are coming together to hold these events between the 19th and 25th of June. The theme of the games will be ‘Together Again’, an opportunity to get children active with their peers after a tumultuous year.

For many, it wouldn’t have come as a surprise that the UK will delay the move to Step 4 for another four weeks. Whilst the roadmap out of lockdown has changed, organised outdoor activity under Step 3 regulations will mean that a whole host of sports days can go ahead as planned.

A recent study by Youth Sport Trust and supported by the Gregson Family Foundation recognised that 81% of parents believe cutting out physical education in the last year has been detrimental to their children.

David Gregson, a recent guest on The Drive Phase Podcast, has consistently emphasised the importance of wellbeing and physical activity and hopes to provide concrete tools for improvement in Manchester.

The youngest of our communities have been most affected by lockdowns. For them, getting active with their friends and the teachers that have inspired them, even over Zoom, is of the utmost importance.

A UKactive poll has shown that more than 60% of parents consider their children’s teachers to be ‘fairly’ or ‘very’ inspirational as role models, even more than professional athletes.

For more information on how sports days can be safe and fun for young people, see here.

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