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Vision 2030

Vision 2030: ukactive reports on progress to get more people active

August 23, 2023

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ukactive has released its latest progress for its Vision 2030 strategy. The long-term ambition has been to gain five million new active users for their member facilities, drawn from a variety of diverse backgrounds.

The report provides the following:

  • Updates on their support for digital transformation
  • The growth of health-related projects, such as the MSK hubs
  • Research projects such as The Active Workforce report
  • Securing the role of the Open School Facilities Programme
  • The progression of The Active Standard pilot


In the future, ukactive will be committed to playing a consistent and central role in the nation’s economic growth and physical wellbeing. New milestones include working with a new property group to develop plans for high street renewal and cross-sector collaborations with CIMSPA and other economic activity with major businesses.

To find out more about their political, economic and national plans, see here.

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