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Welsh Athletics

Welsh Athletics & Coordinate Sport partnership to get children into athletics

January 7, 2021

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We’re delighted to announce that Welsh Athletics has partnered with Coordinate Sport.

Welsh Athletics, the national governing body for Athletics in Wales, is launching a new venture, Starting Blocs, as part of their ongoing commitment to developing athletics skills in children and young people.

This ambitious project aims to develop providers that offer foundational athletics skills across Wales through fun, child-focused activity.

Starting Blocs includes an extensive array of licensee benefits, including equipment, developmental workshops and marketing opportunities.

Coordinate Sport will support the delivery of an online booking platform, for which the central focus will be creating a user-focussed platform for parents to book activities for their children.

Hannah Pretty, Club Manager (South Wales) at Welsh Athletics, said:

“Starting Blocs is an exciting project for us and one we are really passionate about, we want to give the opportunity to every child in Wales to access a fun athletics program that teaches them the fundamental skills needed for a lifetime in sport.

As part of this we want to support our clubs and providers to be able to deliver this program efficiently and professionally, working with Coordinate Sport we have been able to find a platform that will complement this and save our volunteers and providers the administrative burden that often comes with delivering sports activities.

We are looking forward to working with Coordinate Sport and strengthening the partnership further.”

With a continued commitment to reducing administrative pressures and improving compliance, Coordinate Sport’s interactive licensing portal will be utilised for managing and supporting licensees.

As Welsh Athletics increase their developmental engagement with children and young people, Coordinate Sport will remain focussed on creating a platform for which they can continue to inspire young people, without the administrative burden.

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