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manifesto of 100 policy ideas for sport

Youth Sport Trust offer 100 policy ideas for sport and physical activity in time for the 2024 General Election

March 4, 2024

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The Youth Sport Trust has put forward a manifesto of 100 policy ideas for sport, physical activity, and wellbeing, emphasising the importance of daily physical activity and the role of PE, play, and sport. The policy ideas aim to address various challenges faced by the current generation.

These policy ideas aim to prioritise children and young people, enhance provision for them, integrate physical activity into Further Education, and promote health and wellbeing through prevention in integrated care.

The 165-page document contains policy calls, ideas, and proposals from 29 physical activity sector organisations for the 2024 General Election. The document includes resource-neutral policies aimed at cutting red tape, raising standards, redirecting funding, and advocating for more governmental intervention to drive change in the sector.

The document emphasises the importance of physical activity in various aspects like easing NHS pressures, tackling crime, improving economic productivity, and levelling up society. Contributors to the document include a wide range of organisations, such as national governing bodies of sport, universities, charities, industry bodies, consultants, architects, and commercial companies.

To find out more, see here.

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