Adam Rowles & Ash Greenhalgh


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In today’s episode, James speaks to Adam Rowles and Ash Greenhalgh, the managing directors at Edstart Sports Coaching. The duo took over the franchise recently from our previous guest, Chris Irwin who founded the organisation. The organisation has evolved so much over the last year, and we talk more about it in this episode.

Edstart is the leading sports provider in delivering quality sessions, creating peace of mind and trust among parents and schools. They believe that every child deserves an Edstart, and sport is a great way to nurture and develop fitness, social skills, and positivity in every child while encouraging them every step of the way.

Tune in as they speak about:

  • The time they got involved with Edstart before taking over
  • When did the idea of wanting to buy Chris out and move into a leadership position come up
  • The process of the management buyout of a leading company like Edstart
  • Challenges the duo has encountered in stepping up above the franchise network
  • The most impactful programs they’re in partnership with
  • How they differentiate themselves from competitors
  • Big trends from when they started to now
  • Their plan for the next three to five years
  • Leadership philosophies they’ve developed as they lead above the franchise


… and so much more!


The only thing that put me off from the teaching aspect of actually going directly into education was the invisible work that people don’t tend to see that teachers do.


I wanted to be in that position of not just being someone as a director, but somebody who can actually support and help people through their growth.


American football has been a thing for years, but a lot of children haven’t had the opportunity to play American football.


I’ve got strengths, but I’ve also got a lot of weaknesses. Adams got strengths and a lot of weaknesses. But then we complement each other.


Exercise is something that drives me. So physically, I’m motivated internally, and then mentally, I’m ready for the office and I’m ready to go and do sessions.

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