Ali Beckman


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Our guest this episode is Ali Beckman, Technical Director of Puddle Ducks.

Ali is on a mission to give children the opportunity to access high quality swimming lessons and become lifelong swimmers.

The company has grown by 20% since the pandemic and we discuss the challenges this brings as well as the infrastructure and workforce gaps she is working hard to address.

During the episode we hear Ali’s journey from promising junior swimmer into coaching and joining Puddle Ducks at the early stages and scaling to a national franchise.

A true example of turning your passion into your career.


I think back then, there wasn’t the understanding about warming up and preventing injuries.


There was something at the back of my mind that I’ve got all of this experience in the swimming industry, and I want to do this.


Everything that you have in your head has to be down on paper. If you want to get anybody to run a business the way you’re running it, they need to understand it.


No matter where you are in that business, whatever role you hold, you have to be able to do what everybody else is doing.


Find something that you love and turn it into your career.

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