Let Me Play

Amy Lalla


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Our guest this episode is Amy Lalla, Co-Founder and Director of LMP Group.

With experience working in professional sport in the US and the UK, Amy developed a wealth of experience before co-founding her first residential camps with the creation of Let Me Play.

The passion for using sport as the hook to engage young people and then to communicate and educate and develop runs through all the work of the group and is core to its success. Having now a group to become one of the leaders in sport, education, and development.

During the episode we talk about Amy’s early life and education, influences and the moment she knew the business would be a success.


It was really hard for me to try and compromise on anything. So I tried to just do it all, all of the time.


Let’s provide young people with every opportunity we can, but let’s also talk to them about having plans for their future.


When we see the impact of it, it really resonates and is true to why we started and why we exist.


Tell us your dream and let us help to navigate how we can help support you get there.


Get comfortable with being uncomfortable, because it’s in those positions that we grow.

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