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Kings Active Foundation

Andrew Busby


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In today’s episode, James engages with Andrew Busby, the CEO of Kings Active Foundation, an organisation that has been driving sustained change in sports and activity for children across the country. Assuming the role of CEO in 2023, he has spent two decades in commercial business development before joining the Kings Active team, to create partnerships for the benefit of children globally.

Going back to 1991, The Kings Foundation, a not-for-profit organisation, was established with a mission at its core: to utilise Sport and Activity as a means of enhancing the lives of thousands of children annually in the UK and globally. Over the years, they have positively impacted over 3 million children and generated more than 20,000 active jobs worldwide, all while remaining committed to their vision of getting children active, having fun, and learning together.


In a nutshell, James and Andrew speak about:

  • The transition from a passion for Art & Design to entering the parking transportation sector.
  • The significance of distinguishing between one’s strengths and passions.
  • Insights into the role of universities and alternative life paths in the broader context of achieving success.
  • The narrative behind the establishment of Kings Active Foundation.
  • The strategic evolution prompted by COVID in their business model and weighing the pros and cons of this transformation.
  • The 3 to 5-year vision of the organisation and their aspirations within that vision.
  • The compelling spirit and distinctive features of Kings, particularly in how they welcome individuals back into their families.
  • Andrew’s strategies for maintaining a high level of productivity and performance.


… and so much more!



It was an opportunity just to run around, do something different, burn off steam with my friends and be together.


I think there’s enough demand out there already for people to connect with.


It’s hard work, and it’s putting yourself everywhere.


What we’re looking for is people with what we call the King’s factor. So it’s this infectious energy and a passion for giving children the experience of activity.


In some small way, we’re just contributing to the health of the nation, and we’re doing our bit.

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