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Andrew DuCille


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Our Guest this episode is Andrew DuCille, Head of Programmes at the Rio Ferdinand Foundation.

Andrew has forged a successful career working at some of the largest football foundations in the UK, spells at Brighton, Charlton Athletic and Chelsea have led to him taking on a leadership position with the Rio Ferdinand Foundation.

Initially set up to provide support to young people in South East London the foundation’s reach has spread across the UK. This month they celebrate the 10 year anniversary.

During the episode Andrew opens up about his path into sport, overcoming adversity and transitioning from a career in the city.


I would set up programmes, work with the community to see what they want, and then look to find organisations that would deliver on the ground and then just basically support them to deliver and engage in their local community.


You give us your ideas, and we’ll help you to project those ideas higher up the chain and create programmes around that.


The foundation is about opportunities and helping young people to have that voice.


But if the home life is not positive, then there’s gonna be a problem as well.


It’s all about building those relationships and coming to a common goal.

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