Angela's Swim School

Angela Wilson


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Our guest this episode is Angela Wilson, Founder and CEO of the Angela’s Swim School franchise.

Angela is a successful entrepreneur who started her career as a competitive swimmer. Her elite international swimming career saw her competing at the highest levels from the age of 5.

She competed in the World, European and Commonwealth games, narrowly missing out on a chance to compete at the Olympics.

When her swimming career ended, she used that same passion for swimming to begin teaching swimming lessons.

This signaled the beginning of the road to the development of Angela’s Swim School for children and adults.

During the episode we hear how Angela refocused her experience and drive, and created her own program of swimming training, the basis of building her franchise network across the south of England.


I had to find something that I could do that would supplement my income for my training.


I could have gone and competed for Great Britain and bought back a medal, but I never even got the opportunity to try.


I wasn’t a quitter. I’ve never given up on anything in my life.


I’m looking for someone who’s as passionate about what I’m trying to achieve as I am.


I think trying to be successful in anything that you’re doing in life, it’s learning that you can’t do it on your own.

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