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Business Acquisitions Panel

Craig Brennan, Dean Horridge & Chris Irwin


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In today’s episode, James invites back previous guests for an insightful panel discussion. These three business titans have managed successful mergers and acquisitions for their businesses in the activities sector and join the show to discuss their tips, tricks and experiences.

James is joined by Craig Brennan, the founder, and CEO of LSC who is building a business and growing through acquisition; Dean Horridge, the former founder of Fit for Sports and is now CEO and founder of Thinkably and Chris Irwin, the founder of Ed Start Group and current CCO at Salford Red Devils.

Listen in as the quad panel unravels valuable insights delving deep from their experience and positions in business growth and M&A business path, setting you up for a fruitful M&A process that will enable you to make the impact you aim for and sustain it.

In a nutshell, the quad speaks about:

  • Their approach and experience in mergers and acquisitions, M&A transactions
  • Organic growth vs growth by acquisition, detailed benefits and challenges that come with each
  • Their thoughts and experiences on the process of acquisition (the nitty gritty of valuation, negotiation, trade action) etc.
  • The 5 main signals to look out for while doing your due diligence for potential acquisitions
  • How to navigate the transition cultural, value, and proposition dynamics from the acquisition side for smooth transactions
  • Positive possibilities in the sector some 3 – 5 years down the road
  • Nuggets on maintaining funding sustainability; a roadmap on how to go about your reliance on revenue streams


… and so much more!


It’s such an important piece of getting the people right. because if you’ve got a clash of cultures, it’s a recipe for disaster.


You’re only ever as good as the people who are going to deliver to the last child in your care.


I was always very big on driving the standards up across the sector.


I didn’t really have much to lose. I was still living at home with my parents, so if it failed, I was back in my parent’s house.


There will be a lot of funding available in the sector, but they’re very clear. Do not build a business because of funding. That won’t work, and that will not be sustainable.

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