Bloomsbury Football

Charlie Hyman


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Our Guest this episode is Charlie Hyman, Founder and CEO of Bloomsbury Football.

Charlie is a London-born entrepreneur who founded Bloomsbury Football to provide professional, quality football coaching in the heart of London.

Having opened less than five years ago, the organisation has gone from strength-to-strength, using London’s often expensive facilities to provide football training to children of all socioeconomic backgrounds.

Charlie is also the current co host of Sports Industry Nex Gen leaders 30 under 30 and along with his coaches, are now looking forward to expanding the business further with more partnerships and programs in the near future.


There’s no reason why there should be flat footballs, unqualified coaches, poor pitches, poorly organised clubs and children being priced out – That was the first thing we wanted to tackle.


We do a good job of removing the barriers to access. The next thing we want to add is the off pitch element such as building programmes around life & employability skills.


I absolutely love what I do. So I’m excited to come into work every day.

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