UK Elite Sports Group

Chris Vertannes


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Our guest on the show today is Chris Vertannes, CEO of UK Elite Sports Group.

Chris has spent more than twenty years in the sports coaching industry, helping to encourage independence, diligence and fitness in football and rugby. Now working under the umbrella of UK Elite Sports Group, his team continue to provide sports coaching across Southern England and are expanding to new continents.

Growing up as one of 10, he and his family always had a passion for sport. Starting his first business off the back of community coaching at Southampton FC, he’s built up a wealth of experience, professionalising coaching and working with children.


If you’re going to do something, do it right.


When you live under those circumstances, and you see it, and you feel it, breath it, I think that’s something that stays with you.


It came to the stage where we needed further investment. We needed to really look at what the future would look like.


We wouldn’t profess to be able to deliver everything. I think we need to collaborate.


The quicker you learn to accept mistakes is part of success, the better.

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