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Gary Laybourne


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Our guest this episode is Gary Laybourne, CEO of the Coach Core Foundation, the charity that works with over 200 employers using the power of sport and apprenticeships to give opportunities to disadvantaged young people.

During the episode we discuss Gary’s early life and experience coaching in different settings and his journey to leading Coach Core. Gary shares his challenges and learnings of launching and scaling the program then transitioning into becoming a stand-alone charity.

We hear how Coach Core was scaled from the idea stage to working nationally across 17 locations.

Gary is also candid about his personal journey as a CEO and the strategies he uses to be at his best and continuously improve.


I didn’t want to go to university. I didn’t want to do a degree. But I thought that’s what you had to do to make it and be successful.


We wanted good quality coaches that could see, even if they didn’t want to have a career in coaching, that there were still other opportunities within the sector that they could go on to do.


For us now, as with any charity, it’s a real challenge to get fundraising to make yourself stand out to continue on the journey.


I’m looking at all the things I can’t control and getting stressed about those things, and I don’t do that as an athlete. So why am I doing this in my professional life?


I’ve always had that battle around, am I what other people want me to be? Am I doing the best that I can?

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