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James Cutting


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In today’s episode, James speaks to James Cutting, an experienced children’s football coach and franchising novice. Cutting is the founder and head coach at Football Fun Factory; the company striving to become the world’s leading children’s football coaching organisation. He founded Football Fun Factory in 2017 and was joined by Jonny Martin two years later as they set out to franchise.

The organisation was created to provide incredible childhood football experiences for boys and girls of all ages and ability levels. Their mission has been to use the nation’s passion for football as a vehicle for child development. Football Fun Factory believes that the focus should not be simply on development or progression but on having fun.

Tune in as James and James speak about:

  • How James opted not to join University but leave for America to coach football
  • His experience coaching in Cambridge and the impact it had on his future adventure
  • James’ passion to make football a fun lifelong participation for kids
  • Stepping from his career in football to work for a charity
  • Challenges he faced pitching his inflatable idea of his program
  • How his model has been building lifelong participation in sports in children
  • What franchising looks like initially and how he dived into it
  • What their territory size equates to and how it works
  • One of the biggest barriers someone diving into franchising is likely to encounter


… and so much more!


It was all about creating mass participation programmes, giving children brilliant experiences and taking them on a journey of development.


It was really commercially successful. I think at the time it was one of the only football clubs that made more money from children’s activities than it did from gate receipts, hospitality and ticket sales.


We put on that session and got 30 sign-ups, and that went really well too. So the initial stages were really exciting.


Grassroots football is brilliant. However, there’s also a side to football that’s not so good.


I’ve had to learn to control emotions. I think that’s probably the biggest thing.

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