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Our guest this episode is Julie-ann James, Founder & CEO of Aquababies Global.

Julie-ann has more than 30 years of experience in baby and toddler swimming, swim fitness and is a consultant worldwide for swim programmes, upskilling, and education.

She began life as a competitive swimmer, going on to travel the world getting first-hand experience of child psychology and how other cultures introduce their children to the water.

She is an established researcher and innovator in swim fitness, introducing PABA fitness and PABS workshops to consumers, swim schools and business.

During the episode Julie-ann talks to us about the early days of baby swimming franchising in the UK as well as her current work consulting franchise operators.


We are a world full of different cultures, so we need to embrace that.


If you want quality, you’ve got to learn. You’ve got to obtain knowledge.


Unless you invest in upskilling, you’re not going to evolve as quickly or retain your customers.


So many people think self-reflection has to be negative, but it should be both. You’ve got to be honest with yourself.


When you overextend yourself, it’s a recipe for stress, and stress is not healthy.

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