Ignite Sport

Justin Merritt


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Our guest in this episode is Justin Merritt, Founder and CEO of Ignite Sport UK and Sporting Director of Oxford City FC.

Over the last 20 years, the company has developed from school and holiday camp coaching to coach education and supporting the growth of the sector at large.

A passionate advocate of grassroots sport in particular football he has been instrumental in creating a community hub around the facilities and activities of Oxford City FC.

We discuss Justin’s early life and business ventures and how he has used his experience to launch and scale Ignite Sport UK.

We also talk about the importance of building a core team and empowering them to grow their areas of the business, as well as the challenges that come with growing rapidly.


I think that having an inspirational leader who can have fun and have a joke, but also could connect with individuals, was really important for me.


Let’s create a simple model that can be replicated, and the quality is there.


I like to engage with participants, players, whatever it may be. But building a structure and an organisation does need you to step out of it as well.


It’s getting that balance of what do you say no to.


Recognise what you’re good at, and what areas that you maybe need a bit of support.

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