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Lessons From Leaders - Part 6

How to Lead an Activity Organisation


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From Coordinate Sport it’s The Drive Phase, a show about sports founders, leaders, and experts and the stories behind their business journeys.

Part six of our wrap-up series brings together the best insights from our previous episodes and is a great way to jump in and sample the Drive Phase content.

We’ve taken the opportunity on this episode to reflect on those conversations and selected clips from 10 guests across 9 episodes to cover a range of key topics.

We also want to take the opportunity to thank all of our listeners for your support and ask that you subscribe and leave a review on Apple Podcasts or follow us on Spotify.

Since starting the show we have gone from strength to strength and are so pleased we have been able to execute on our vision of supporting physical activity providers to grow. I am excited to say we have been shortlisted in the Sports Podcast Awards. Please vote for us in the ‘Best Sports Business’ Category.

Welcome to this week’s episode of The Drive Phase Podcast and part six of the Lessons From Leaders series.

Sport for Development Coalition

Ollie Dudfield

Not everyone feels the same about sport, and even physical activity, as you do. Don’t make the assumption.


Ollie Bell

Don’t worry too much. Just keep going and surround yourself with really decent people.

Made By Sport

Sophie Mason

Sport is one of the most socially effective vehicles we have to create outcomes.

Dame Kelly Holmes Trust

Ben Hilton

For us, it’s all about the impact, and if we get our impact right, our growth will follow.

Dame Kelly Holmes Trust

Suzanne Miller

Even if it doesn’t kind of fit the narrative that people prescribe for you, do what makes you happy.

USA Weightlifting

Phil Andrews

We can’t sit around and wait for anybody else to believe in us. We have to go out there and do it ourselves.

UK Elite Sports Group

Chris Vertannes

The quicker you learn to accept mistakes is part of success, the better.

Dallaglio RugbyWorks

Zenna Hopson

Stop giving yourself a hard time, like yourself and you will succeed.

Joymo TV

Mike Emery

Try and grow a thicker skin and if you can’t do it yourself, find people that you can talk to to help you put these things in perspective.

Coach Core Foundation

Gary Laybourne

Understand what you do well, embrace that shout about it, feel passionate about them.

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