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Lessons From Leaders - Part 7

How to Lead an Activity Organisation


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From Coordinate Sport it’s The Drive Phase, a show about sports founders, leaders, and experts and the stories behind their business journeys.

Part seven of our wrap-up series brings together the best insights from our previous episodes and is a great way to jump in and sample the Drive Phase content.

We’ve taken the opportunity on this episode to reflect on those conversations and selected clips from nine episodes to cover a range of key topics.

We also want to take the opportunity to thank all of our listeners for your support and ask that you subscribe and leave a review on Apple Podcasts or follow us on Spotify.

Welcome to this week’s episode of The Drive Phase Podcast and part seven of the Lessons From Leaders series.

Ignite Sport

Justin Merritt

The driver for me was let’s create a simple model that can be replicated, and the quality is there.


Peter Arch

We weren’t working for a paycheck. We were working because we believed we could change lives.

Sport 4 Life

Tom Clarke-Forrest

We were really embedded in those local communities. And we want to have really positive relationships with our young people.

Women in Sport

Stephanie Hilborne OBE

There’s no reason why a male coach can’t learn to be brilliant at supporting girls and women through all of those different things that they won’t have experienced themselves.


Marcus Kingwell

Don’t go in with a fixed model. Go in with the ability to be flexible and change and make it fit the particular circumstances.

England Boxing

Charlie Ford

Put people at the heart of everything that you do.

Alliance of Sport

James Mapstone

We realised then that the criminal justice system didn’t really understand exactly what physical activity could do.

Planet Super League

Tom Gribbin

What data are we getting? We know the kids are enjoying it because they’re coming back and turning up each week, but are we helping fight obesity?

Leicester City FC

Allison Tripney

I think we’ve seen more footballers themselves now taking the stage on that and really using football as a force for societal change.

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