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Lessons From Leaders - Part 9

How to Lead an Activity Organisation


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From Coordinate Sport it’s The Drive Phase, a show about sports founders, leaders, and experts and the stories behind their business journeys.

Part 9 of our wrap-up series brings together the best insights from episodes 81 to 89 and is a great way to jump in and sample the Drive Phase content.

We’ve taken the opportunity on this episode to reflect on those conversations and selected clips across 9 episodes to cover a range of key topics.

We also want to take the opportunity to thank all of our listeners for your support and ask that you subscribe and leave a review on Apple Podcasts or follow us on Spotify.

Welcome to this week’s episode of The Drive Phase Podcast and part 9 of the Lessons From Leaders series.

Wellbeing Through Sport

Chris Irwin

When you start to lose your passion for something you’ve probably taken it as far as you can.

Full of Beans Fitness

Nicky Adams

I would never ask somebody to do something that I wouldnt be prepared to do myself.

Aston Villa Foundation

Guy Rippon

The most important question is can we create greater impacts to the communities that need it?

Aquababies Global

Julie-ann James

When you overextend yourself, it’s a recipe for stress.

Gymfinity Kids

Peter Roberts

That is what an entrepreneur does, you come up with an idea, and then you drive it forward.

Chance to Shine

Laura Cordingley

There are also times you just have to identify that things our out of your control.


Stacey Dean

We just knew there was something there, so we were putting everything into it.


Kerry Goodacre

If nothing changes you don’t grow.

English Institute of Sport

Dr Kevin Currell

It’s not hard to get motivated every day to help the athletes achieve something amazing, and fulfil their dreams.

Level Law

Rowena Samarasinhe

In negotiation, if you can leave the room and everyone feels like they’ve won. That’s perfect.

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