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Lessons from Leaders

How to Lead an Activity Organisation


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From Coordinate Sport it’s The Drive Phase, a show about sports founders, leaders, and experts and the stories behind their business journeys

We brought you this podcast because more than ever now we think learning from the industry’s top performers is vital.

At a time where the global sports coaching market size has the potential to grow by $4billion during 2020-2024.

We want to give our listeners a first-mover advantage and create a powerful community; driving an industry where so many benefit.

Since the podcast was launched, we’ve been privileged to talk to and learn from inspirational leaders in our industry.

So we’ve taken the opportunity on this episode to look back at our conversations.

Drawing from the powerful messages, insights, and journeys, our guests have passed on their experiences so you can fast track your growth; helping to set the stage and grasp the opportunities available to us all in 2021.

Many children & young people, some new and some you already work with, will be relying on you to be there for them to shape their futures and provide them with positive sporting opportunities.

Welcome to this week’s episode, the last for this year but the first of our Lessons from Leaders.

Fit For Sport

Dean Horridge

If you have a vision, people will follow you if they believe in you.

Little Kickers

Christine Kelly

Find your niche, stick to your niche, become great at it and grow it as far as you can.

Little Sports Coaching

Craig Brennan

Focus on what you think is going to add the most value.

Progressive Sports

Eddie Ray

Have clear objectives, targets and goals that you and the team are striving to achieve.

Institute of Sporting Futures

Rob Brown

Be open minded, there is not necessarily just one way to do something.


Preeti Shetty

Know your data! What is it telling you? How is it informing future decision making?

UK Active

Jack Shakespeare

If you feel like you need to know everything you will never be ready for anything.

Premier Education

David Batch

There are 4 key pillars of any business – strategy, execution, cash and people.


Bryn Llewellyn

Be unique, authentic and honest and your customers will buy into your offer.

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