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MBA Sports Coaching

Mitchell Harvie


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In today’s episode, James speaks to Mitchell Harvie, the General Manager at MBA Sports Coaching. Mitchell’s love for sports and passion for HPE and leadership is worth noting. He has held many positions in the physical education sphere and has won several awards that recognise his contribution to Health and Physical Education in Australia before joining MBA Sports Coaching.

Founded by Director Mark Bailey, MBA Sports Coaching is passionate about providing a fun, healthy and inclusive environment in which to develop both the physical and mental health of children. Working closely with families, a range of private and public sector pre-kindergartens, kindergartens, pre-primaries, and primary schools, they deliver a variety of engaging and innovative sports and recreational programs for kids.

Tune in as James and Mitchell speak about:

  • The fond memories of sports Mitchell has while growing up in Perth
  • How primary school physical education was like in terms of provision during his childhood
  • Mitchell’s role as a PE specialist teacher in primary schools
  • The amazing story behind the Origin of MBA Sports Coaching
  • Details of the different interesting programs and courses for kids that are offered at MBA Sports Coaching
  • Their funding model and recruitment strategy
  • How their brand-building project looks like
  • Habits that keep Mitchell at the top Performance as a leader


… and so much more!


At the end of the day, the foundational levels are really important.


School budgets are often tight, and depending on what setting you’re in, there’s always an element of money being tied up in different avenues.


I think sometimes the quicker you grow, the quicker you fail.


You’re only ever as good as the people that either surround you or are on the ground.


We’d love to hear from anyone that’s seeking opportunities to have a little sea change from the UK.

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