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Our guest this episode is Peter Arch, Vice President of People at Gymshark.

Peter has spent more than three decades in the business of sport, founding and scaling Challenger Sports, taking advantage of every opportunity available to them the company grew to become the leader in multiple soccer service areas.

In 2019 Peter moved to the UK fitness apparel powerhouse Gymshark. He is now responsible for setting up the new US headquarters in Denver and building Gymshark’s US team and is putting to work the lessons learnt from his years operating in the US to build another high-performing purpose-driven team.

Peter talks us through the origins of Challenger and how he grew the business to work across every US state. The satisfaction he gets from impacting thousands of coaches’ careers. One of which led to his new role at Gymshark.

A great opportunity to hear firsthand how global brands are built and maintain values and culture at scale.

So get a pen and paper ready to take notes from a pioneer and one of the entrepreneurs that helped to build the sector we have today.


Sport surrounded us. It’s what drove us.


We didn’t like the idea of giving up the control and having somebody else control the quality of our brand.


We weren’t working for a paycheck. We were working because we believed we could change lives.


Having those interpersonal relationships between the staff has been very important to me.


Don’t think that you need to know everything.

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