Gymfinity Kids

Peter Roberts


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Our guest this episode is Peter Roberts, Chairman of Gymfinity Kids Clubs & Nurseries.

Peter is an example to entrepreneurs and leaders in the leisure sector. His largest and most highest profile exit came with PureGym, however he has launched and exited 8 businesses and currently holds multiple investment and leadership positions in leisure businesses including TeamSport Indoor Karting.

His latest venture Gymfinity Kids is an exciting combination of gymnastics coaching and childcare in state of the art facilities, with many of the successful PureGym team joining to execute the expansion plan. We discuss the genesis of the idea, market positioning and roll out plans.

During the episode we hear about Peter’s early life and influences in Yorkshire and his journey from a career in chartered surveying to entrepreneurship and his approach to building a team and the resources required for success.

So get a pen and paper ready to take notes from a pioneer and an entrepreneur that continues to develop our sector.


So I realised that I was going to have to put myself together.


You’ve always got to have a good business partner.


The market appeared to be very disorientated and disintegrated, and I did feel that there was a need to provide something much better.


If you sweat hard enough, you can control a lot of the things that you’re in charge of.


But that is what an entrepreneur does, you come up with an idea, and then you drive it forward.

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