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Seif Tawfik


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In today’s episode, James interviews Seif Tawfik, a former first-division footballer in the Egyptian League and the founder/CEO of Stryx Sports. After experiencing a career-ending knee injury, Seif transitioned into the corporate world but later returned to the sports industry as a manager, ultimately launching Stryx Sports.

Stryx Sports has long established itself as Dubai’s premier sports provider, renowned for its unparalleled offerings. Catering to schools, sports academies, and holiday camps, Stryx Sports delivers unique and high-quality sports programs, prioritizing excellent customer service.

Beyond its exceptional services, the organization actively contributes to enhancing children’s health by fostering a love for movement and sports from an early age, while also broadening their horizons. Through their unwavering commitment to excellence, Stryx Sports continues to shape the sports industry in Dubai, inspiring a generation of active individuals and ensuring a brighter, healthier future.

Tune in as James and Seif speak about:

  • Seif’s early sporting memories
  • His professional football career debut, journey, and transition from it
  • Seif’s experience in the automotive corporate world
  • When he had the idea of Stryx and how they went about launching it
  • Philosophies and approaches that put him at the top
  • How do they find the right coaches and the challenges linked to it
  • Where they’re aiming to be in the next 3/5 years
  • How do they stand out in the multitude of competitors


… and so much more!


You’ll always face obstacles, but all you have to do is just stand up and keep moving forward.


I always knew that I wanted to do my own thing and have my own business.


We’re always on the lookout for expanding to more regions and giving this opportunity to more kids.


If you are committed and always try to do your best, things will fall into place.


If your team feels that they are protected, they will protect your business.

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