Sue Wilkie & Shelley Meyern


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Our guests on this episode are Shelley Meyern, Head of Operations & Projects and Sue Wilkie, Head of Instructor Support at EMD UK.

EMD UK acts as the voice for group exercise instructors and organisations.

Shelley has established herself in local authority and national sports administration, and now works with EMD UK to lead on the roll out of strategic programmes notably the This Girl Can classes.

Sue has worked with some of the best-known brands to support the development of training programs and their product lines such as BOSU & TRX. Her role supporting and representing group fitness instructors has been instrumental in bringing group fitness back to the UK after COVID-19 restrictions.

During the episode we discuss the current state of the industry and look at the opportunities for the future.


There weren’t enough opportunities for girls to have their own teams in some sports, but we were holding our own.


We want instructors to be the best they can be. But we also want to get more people activated and exercise.


Everyone’s in it together. It’s okay to go the wrong way, we’re just here to have fun.


I think we’ve just got to think differently as a sector to provide a range of opportunities.


Stop limiting what you can do by what’s in your head.

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