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How to use podcasting to improve your business outcomes

October 13, 2023

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Podcasting is a global phenomenon. For businesses, it’s an opportunity to communicate with your consumers directly. Podcasts like The Drive Phase highlight the entrepreneurs, organisations, and individuals in the activities sector. It also serves as a platform for future talent to discover their desired careers.


Connecting people to your business

With the ever-expanding ways to access podcasts, consumers can access your knowledge through any platform. They can access your content from anywhere, whether through Apple Podcasts or dedicated hosting apps. Share your thoughts on this platform about trends, debates, and future predictions that will make you a thought leader.

Podcasts allow businesses to communicate with prospective consumers on a personal level. It means you can address misconceptions or create a more humanised approach to your products, connecting with people on a personal level to create more enduring customer relationships.


Improving your sales

Podcasting has become more professional in the past ten years. It is just as helpful as talking to customers on the phone every day. There’s no barrier between you and your consumer, a process that can create a personal approach. Hosts become the person behind the brand, gaining trust and increasing your ROI.

It isn’t necessary to have your own podcast, you can also make guest appearances on existing podcasts There are several platforms such as Matchmaker.fm that are designed to introduce you to podcasters in your sector. Appear on a podcast to raise your profile, connect with prospective customers and voice your views on the future of your sector.


Automate or outsource your process

Professionalism is important, but spending time creating a polished podcast doesn’t necessarily produce better results. You can outsource or automate areas like show notes, transcriptions, recording and editing of your podcast to produce a desired result. The basics, however, should be recorded like a live webinar or radio show – in a way that allows you to focus on the content.

Why not listen to The Drive Phase podcast from Coordinate Sport? Our host James Moore brings together entrepreneurs and individuals from across the sector to discuss their experiences as leaders in the activity space. Whether you want to find out how podcasting works for Coordinate Sport or more about the sector, it’s the place to be.

Listen on the website or any platform where you get your podcasts.

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