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Why is it important to keep your website updated with social proof?

January 12, 2022

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Predictions for 2020 and 2021, respectively, were eclipsed by IT infrastructure upgrades necessary to respond to COVID-19 measures. Increasingly, consumers rely on social proof to make purchasing decisions. Ratings, recommendations, written and video reviews are an integral part of how consumers engage with products.

Consumer preferences for purchasing online mean it’s essential that you streamline your website with clear evidence for why they should work with you. Updating your website’s social proof impresses the loyalty of your customer base and the professionalism of your service.

Do you need a social proof website update?


Written or video testimonials

Examples of written or video testimonials from current customers should match a specific formula. For example, a school testimonial should state the problem they’ve had with PE and sports instruction, your company’s solution, results, and the plans they have for the future of your partnership with them. Reserve video testimonials for products and services that have been modified for customer use or act as instructions for technical services.

Customer testimonials should cover specific elements of their experience, such as coach performance on-site. In requesting testimonials from customers, consider offering them questions designed to find out more about a child’s experience of the camp, professionalism, and the flexibility of your provisions for working parents. Use sites such as Answer the Public to find the types of things parents want to inform your questions.


Customer star ratings

Star ratings are useful for a business, for example, through sites like TrustPilot. It’s helpful for customers to compare levels of service by a third party seen as an impartial actor. Consumers are unlikely to make a purchase if there’s no indication of engagement with your services or if your customer ratings are minimal.

A consistent average 4-star rating from 100 customers means much more than five customers giving a 5-star rating. You can also add a star rating to written or video testimonials to give a prospective customer a simple comparative structure at a glance.


Industry or reputable publishers

Publications that have mentioned your services favourably show your professional recognition. Industry publications and organisations such as CIMPSA, afPE and Sport for Development can show your commitment to multiple sporting disciplines, quality delivery of PE and sport, and social development through the medium of sport.

Local or national newspapers, magazines, and podcasts can also enhance the profile of your business. Consider offering expert commentary and mention the publication on your website with access to a link under the platform’s branding. Not only is your business seen to be a part of your industry’s community, but it gives you the opportunity to speak on topics that interest you.


Relevant qualifications and awards

Accreditations gained in various sporting disciplines, training, or coaching show your commitment to self-improvement. Use the accreditation’s branding with permission to convey your affiliation. Especially when working with children, all your coaches should be CRB-checked, and your activities camps should be Ofsted regulated. Adding these accreditations will convince parents and schools of your willingness to create a secure environment.


User-generated customer content

User-generated content requires permission from your customers to gather and share tweets, Instagram posts, or short video content from YouTube or TikTok, for example. It conveys more sincerity than a testimonial, as you are essentially cannibalising content from other platforms. Don’t be afraid of their candour. Often this is trusted far more highly by prospective than a positive testimonial through your own channels.

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