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Expanding sports programs

Expanding Sports Programs: 5 Key Growth Strategies

April 25, 2024

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For sports coaching companies, expanding your sports program is one of the key goals of your business. To increase revenue for your sports program, you need to optimize your program for your customers. Customer satisfaction, operational efficiency, and expanding your sports program to match your customers’ needs are integral if you want to reach your expansion goals.

How can you attract new leads, retain customers, and forecast successfully for your sports programs’ growth?


Identify your target audience

For schools, you need to analyze the interests and behaviors of potential school decision-makers in your community. Understand what their pain points are and what is currently missing from the market. It might be extended after-school care or a cost-effective care model. These areas can work toward the goal of expanding your sports programs.

Choose your top 5-10 and determine what your “perfect client” is. This is the perfect time to reach out to school decision-makers to understand what they value in your business. School decision-maker outreach can be in the form of case studies, reviews, and even regular progress reports.


Offer tailored programs & services

Building relationships with schools is essential to expanding your sports programs. It’s essential to structure your sports programs of activities and services to cater to the schools and parents you work with. Examples include tailored activity programs, increasing activities available or offering more sport-specific or one-to-one training offerings.

In today’s world, leveraging technology can enhance your member experience.

Coordinate Sport is built for sports coaching companies, enhancing your sports class booking process with reporting measures designed to help you understand your customers’ needs and behaviors.


Implement effective pricing and membership strategies

Offering a range of membership options for your sports programs can help you with your customer retention as a sports-oriented business. Catering to different budgets with a subscription pricing strategy will help you accurately predict revenue and retain customers while you expand your program to increase your revenue streams.

Research your target schools and parents. Make sure this research keeps your prices competitive and aligns with local market conditions. Competitive pricing strategies for sports sessions are essential components for retaining school customers and should be factored into your marketing strategy for maximum impact.

Signposting to unique selling points such as service, Ofsted regulation, and even academic attainment can justify your desired price points.


Focus on customer retention

Engage with your customers, whether parents, guardians, or school administrators, to help inform your customer retention strategies. With school administrators, this can be on an ad-hoc basis, or you can put a regular date in the diary to share progress reports. The goal is to provide a personalized experience and service.

With the current economic climate, adding value-added incentives can enhance member loyalty. Customer retention strategies should avoid churning out incentives that don’t apply to schools or parents. No customer wants to feel like their concerns and needs don’t matter.


Leverage growth marketing tactics

Use your company’s social media and create engaging content to build brand awareness and attract new leads. Consider personalizing this approach by giving insider knowledge on what happens at your sports camps and the services you provide.

Explore partnerships with sports partnerships to enhance your visibility and credibility. Examples include offering sports co-brandings such as Nike Football or educational opportunities with local institutions. Continuously measure and optimize your marketing efforts to ensure maximum return on investment.

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