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"Since PE Partner started using Coordinate Sport, we have been impressed by how helpful and informative their customer service has been. The platform has reduced our time spent on admin across the business, so we can focus our time on teaching sessions and supporting schools."
Nick Powell
Managing Director


Real Time Registers

School Booking Management

Automated Timesheets and Payroll

Driving growth through efficient operations with Coordinate Sport

May 25, 2021

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The Client

PE Partner specialises in delivering high-quality PE, School Sport & Physical Activity services for schools and community partners across West Yorkshire.

They have made a positive impact through PE, School Sport and Physical activity for over 14 years.

Their wide range of services focuses on increasing and improving physical activity experiences for all.

The Challenge

It had become clear that PE Partner had outgrown their systems when team members identified issues with accuracy in data.

Their team could no longer spend valuable time on correcting duplicates, comparing data and refunding charges.

Coordinating the operations of a large, established physical activity provider required a system they could trust, with more features and an integrated booking platform.

The Solution

Coordinate Sport provided their integrated software with timetable, coach, & booking management all in one system.

With real-time booking and registers, accuracy was no longer a concern. Financial reports allow instant access to data and insights and have reduced the administrative workload on the team.

The Coach Login and real-time updating capabilities have made reporting, internal communication and data sharing more efficient. Time spent on Timesheets and Payroll has reduced dramatically.

The Future

With their Coordinate Sport partnership, the team are confident in managing the pent up demand from schools and parents for their services as restrictions lift following the pandemic.

The Coordinate Sport team are looking forward to supporting PE Partner with their growth.

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