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"In unprecedented times, Coordinate Sport has been a revelation for parents."
Lee Earnshaw
HAF Commissioning Officer

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Preventing holiday hunger with Coordinate Sport

November 25, 2021

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Gloucestershire County Council

The Client

Gloucestershire County Council aim to help improve the quality of life for every community and have a keen interest in helping the most vulnerable in their community.

Over the COVID-19 period, the Council had the objective that no vulnerable child in Gloucestershire would go hungry.

The government funded Holiday Activity and Food (HAF) Programme launched this year and provided the council with the perfect opportunity to ensure that vulnerable children were fed and looked after during the school holidays.

The Challenge

Lee Earnshaw, HAF Commissioning Officer, recognises that the initial easter HAF period was a huge strain on their resources, requiring very large amounts of admin time and manpower.

The Council’s team were having to create manual reports and spend hours upon hours doing data entry – it got to the point where some people were working into the early hours in the morning.

Employees were stressed out and morale was low. Something had to change.

The Solution

That’s where Coordinate Sport came in. The platform not only took over the administrative work for the team, but it also gave parents a centralised place to book their children onto sessions and managers project management and reporting tools for complete visibility of their project and providers.

With Coordinate Sport taking care of the admin, Gloucestershire County Council were free to focus on increasing the impact of the provision. As a result, 3,355 children in Gloucestershire were able to access HAF provision using Coordinate Sport.

Parents no longer had to deal with the stress of childcare, and children could socialise with their peers and explore their local environment at a time when it was sorely needed.

Ensuring no child goes hungry with Coordinate Sport

The Future

With the success that Gloucestershire County Council have had, the 2022 HAF programme will be their biggest yet.

Lee is planning to target the most vulnerable children with more providers running even more Sessions, and he can’t imagine doing it without Coordinate Sport.

We look forward to working further with Gloucestershire County Council and continuing to create change that benefits vulnerable families.

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Gloucestershire County Council

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