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Cycle Training

£18M announced for cycle training for children and their families

April 9, 2021

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The UK government has committed itself to providing all pupils with cycle training by 2025 with £18 million in funding, managed by The Bikeability Trust charity.

Transport Secretary Grant Shapps stressed on Friday, (9th April) that it would encourage as many people as possible to choose active forms of travel like cycling and walking.

With the impact of restrictions for young people and the need for social distancing, Bikeability training provides a perfect opportunity for group and family fitness.

The training provides an array of skills from developing awareness skills and cycle handling to more advanced skills for handling busy streets, complex junctions and roundabouts.

Traditional schooling has often placed exercise strictly as an activity for the afternoons, however, cycling to and from school for children can have numerous benefits including better concentration. Transport Secretary Grant Shapps added:

“Cycling is a fun and healthy way for pupils to get to school, and we want as many as possible to make it their choice of transport. With social distancing still a necessity, the more people who walk or cycle, the more we can ease pressure on public transport as people return to normal life.”


To find out more about training with Bikeability in your area see here.

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