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physical activity inequalities

Active Lives Report finds increasing physical activity inequalities in the UK

May 3, 2024

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The ukactive report “Active Lives 2022-23” was released last month and the organisation has called for stronger measures to reduce inequalities in physical activity. The report found that the following areas required stronger measures if they were to increase physical activity levels across the UK:

  • 25.8% of adults (11.9 million) are inactive, with less than 30 minutes of physical activity completed each week
  • The government’s “Get Active” strategy aims to get 2.5 million more adults and 1 million more children active by 2030, but lacks measures to achieve these targets
  • The sport and physical activity sector is ready to work with the government to make the UK the most active nation in Europe, which could generate £1 billion in healthcare savings and a £3.6 billion GDP uplift annually
  • Targeted tax and regulatory reforms, as well as investment, are needed to support the sector in improving health, productivity, and NHS efficiency


The report emphasises the need for a substantive policy change to realise the benefits of increased physical activity levels. It aims to challenge political leaders to commit to making the UK the most active nation in Europe.

To find out more, see here.

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