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leisure, fitness, and spa industries

Barclays says UK set for £3.5 billion boost from leisure, fitness, and spa industries

November 19, 2021

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The UK is set for a £3.5 billion boost in the leisure, fitness, and spa industries, according to a report carried out by Barclays Corporate Bank. The new research sees the sector is likely to contribute £3.5bn more to the UK’s GDP compared with the same period in 2019.

Particularly for the fitness sector, the most confidence is to be found in gym and leisure centre managers at 45%. The UK average now sees consumers who’ve had the benefit of 18 months of Covid-19, who now have stronger and more impactful preferences on what they spend their money on.

UK consumers are now prepared to pay nearly 20% more for healthier food and drink options and around 18% more for accommodation that includes easily accessible health and wellbeing services such as a gym or a spa.

Younger consumers are now looking for environmentally sustainable fitness experiences, as well as services that are safe and healthy.

For more information on the survey’s trends, see here.

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