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Cycling on the curriculum

Bikeability says put cycling on the curriculum to transform the school run

February 8, 2023

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Bikeability CEO Emily Cherry has called for professional Bikeability training to become a staple of the school curriculum. A YouGov poll has shown 74% of people see the value in professional cycle training for children, showing that the capacity for greater freedom and independence in children is not lost on the public.

As a life skill, learning to cycle gives children and adults more freedom in transportation. Common school runs are just over a mile, which means that cycling gives families a cheap and sustainable way to get from A to B.

In Austria, Belgium, The Netherlands and France, cycle training has already been embraced by children and adults. Cycle training is hosted on training grounds, in cycle schools and alongside their academic development. Cycling exams in those places help children understand how to respond to busy roads, crossings and small-scale fixes.

Today, only 44% of children learn to cycle on the roads with Bikeability by the time they leave primary school. With the importance of cycling, developing independence, and wider economic problems, cycle training has never been more important.

To find out more about Bikeability and the importance of cycle training, see here.

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